Illinois Department of Transportation


Collins Engineers

Completed major structural steel, road bearings and operating machinery repairs on three aging bascule bridges crossing the Des Plaines River in downtown Joliet, Illinois.

Major repairs on three aging bascule bridges over the Des Plaines River in Joliet, Illinois. Included the Jefferson Street bridge, a 331-foot cantilevered bascule through-truss construction and the Jackson Street bridge, a 284-foot bascule bridge, both of which were built in the 1930s and had received "functionally obsolete" appraisals in 2012. Jefferson Street bridge average daily traffic, approximately 8,900 vehicles; Jackson Street bridge 3,000.

Made more than 1,600lbs of structural steel repairs, refurbished live load bearings and operating machinery. Also reinstalled the bridges' rubber fender system. Completed repair/refurbishment of the three bridges within the planned project schedule.

  • Major repair/refurbishment of '30s-vintage steel bascule bridges
  • 1,600lbs of structural steel repairs
  • Refurbishment of live road bearings and operating machinery
  • Reinstallation of rubber fender system
  • All projects completed within road-closed windows