Who we are

We are a well-established and growing employee-owned general contractor that operates throughout the United States. We have a strong track record of performance in bridge and heavy highway construction with a portfolio of work that includes highly visible and complex projects for Class 1, 2, 3 and commuter rail owners, state and local government agencies, and the Army Corps of Engineers, among many others.    

We operate in a sweet spot in the construction industry—the capabilities and equipment of a large contractor combined with the expertise and attention to detail of a niche builder. Our agility and company culture reflect our humble, family-owned beginnings, while our reach and self-perform capabilities give us the ability to tackle large-scale construction projects.

We have built a strong reputation as problem solvers. This is a product of empowering our workforce not just to make detailed plans, but also to make the situation adjustments required by the nature of the complicated and complex jobs we take on.     

Our approach creates a solid partnership between contractor and owner that ensures high-quality work, completed on time and within budget.